the $ math

productivity is the net result that an intellifeed feeding system achieves. immediately after our latest installation, the packaging line upon which the intellifeeder was installed ran three times (3X) faster than it ever had before.

the de-coupled nature of the feeding system allows for much higher up-times within the line, and dares to question the wisdom of completely coupled lines. mini-intellifeeders may make it possible for lines to continue to run uninterrupted while pouchers are filled or cartoners un-jammed.

near perfect synchronization with the cartoner decreases the number of missed buckets, thus reducing the re-cycling of product throughout the line.

direct payback and return on investment are further realized in a very short term when additional factors are considered. payroll wages and benefits are reduced or eliminated, saving thousands of dollars each year. worries of insurance claims for repetitive disorder diseases and other injuries are dramatically reduced. sick days and vacations do not exist as product normally fed manually is replaced with automated feeding systems.

valuable labor resources can be re-deployed to areas within the company that utilize these resources more efficiently than the repetitive, menial toil of feeding and product placement.


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