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Quite simply, intellifeed, inc. designs and manufactures high-speed, automated feeding equipment for the packaging industry.

Now, take a look at some streaming video of our feeding system in action to understand exactly what our feeder can do!

Basically, after the intellifeeder is filled with bulk product the feeding system begins to sort and separate the product into a form that can be synchronized and deposited into cartoning equipment. many of these products are fed at speeds of up to 450 parts per minute. intellifeeders are capable of singulating and feeding the most difficult of products including pouches, bags, pill packets, baking products, condoms, syringes, eye droppers, individually wrapped food items, …

After seeing the feeder in action many ask how does it work? even more important is how the feeder increases productivity and profit margin in the packaging environment.

The $ math begins to make sense as productivity increases and expenses decrease. these effects take place immediately as these feeders are introduced to packaging operations. items are fed at extremely high rates with 99.7-99.9% accuracy. payback and eventual return on investment can be realized in the first several months after installation.

Additional transfer devices are being developed for specific packaging applications and projects. these devices, when linked with the feeders, allow for orientation of the product as well as accumulation and batching.

Please look at the video and contact us with your comments and questions. thanks!


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