Pill Packets
Pill packets suchas these are currently being fed at speeds of at least 400 per minute. They are being individually packaged and also being counted and batched.
Paper Pouches
Paper puches currently reach up to sizes of 7" x 5". These pouches are fed at rates of 150 - 250 parts per minute with with 99.7% accuracy.
Foil Pouches
Although foil pouches tend to be heavier than the other products that the feeders handle, they are often times the most consistent product to feed.
Syringes, Droppers, Applicators and Plastic Utensils
Many different types of products can be fed and placed into containers with the Intellefeed Feeding Systems.All of the products seen here are currently being fed in the field and at very high rates, 150-400 ppm.




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